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I remain immensely grateful for any and all support.  If I had the time, I would spend every waking hour thanking my readers for it.  As I can’t do that, I try to provide more to read.

That said, Pact is done, and there are no more incentive reward chapters, but amounts provided made here still go toward additional chapters for my other works, for Twig and then whatever follows.

The following are the options available.


Patreon (Subscription):


Any questions or comments you’re not comfortable putting as a reply below?  Contact me at Wildbowpig (at) gmail (dot) com.

45 thoughts on “Support Wildbow

  1. Questions and comments – feel free to ignore any you find uncomfortable to answer:
    – How close are you to your dream of becoming a full-time writer?
    – Do you think publishing Worm will bring you there?
    – Have you submitted Pact to Tobpwebfiction already? If so, once it appears, you might want to mention somewhere on the sites of both Pact and Worm that people can vote once each for both Worm and Pact without cannibalizing the votes of the brother/sister series. I originally assumed you only had one vote per 7 days, but you seem to have one vote per series per 7 days.
    – You originally remained totally anonymous, not even revealing your gender while writing Worm. What made you change your mind?
    – There’s a missing space in “$0 of $1000 donated.Zero chapters due.”
    – The link to Worm on this page is broken; it links to “”

    1. Another tiny bug: in the table of contents to the right, Story is in the category “Uncategorized”. (Compare with the Worm site.)

      In the sidebar to the right, the links to your wildbow blog and to the worm site work, but begin with “www.”, which is unnecessary, and seems to lead to a tiny redirect delay. (Although that might be just my imagination.)
      i.e. -> and ->

    2. – How close are you to your dream of becoming a full-time writer?

      It’s really hard to gauge. If I went by the last few months, I’d already be there. But the last few months saw the end of Worm and ‘congratulatory’ donations. For the last stretch, on the really good months, I’ve made ~4500 CAD. On the bad months, I’ve made ~600. The typical month? Maybe $1000-2000. More than minimum wage (sans overtime) but like I said, it’s hard to estimate.

      The catch is that I don’t know how I’m going to do, transitioning to the next story. I want to move to a place with decent internet (so I can do this online stuff) & lower cost of living (rent where I’m at is about ~800/month for a studio apartment), but I wouldn’t want to do that if my audience drops to a sixth of the size and never recovers. I’ll be able to say more for sure when I’m a few months into Pact.

      – Do you think publishing Worm will bring you there?

      I think (self-?) publishing Worm will give me a few great-ish months and then level off (though I’m keeping expectations sort of low), giving me a smallish income over time. Over several books & many years, building up a library of books, each new book will give me that tiny income & it’ll cause the previous books to get a little bump for that month/those months. If I’m serious and if I can build up a loyal following with a good sized list of my works available for sale, I might be able to retire on the income from book sales.

      I don’t think, however, that I’ll make so much money that it won’t be an issue. I think many authors expect that and they’re inevitably unpleasantly surprised when it doesn’t work that way.

      – Have you submitted Pact to Tobpwebfiction already? If so, once it appears, you might want to mention somewhere on the sites of both Pact and Worm that people can vote once each for both Worm and Pact without cannibalizing the votes of the brother/sister series. I originally assumed you only had one vote per 7 days, but you seem to have one vote per series per 7 days.

      I have not. I could/should, maybe this weekend, but I need to put a banner together & my focus this week was on getting the site live & the new chapter up.

      – You originally remained totally anonymous, not even revealing your gender while writing Worm. What made you change your mind?

      My initial concern was that having perceived ‘low quality’ work online would hamper my efforts to get published mainstream. The serial writing being a success wasn’t a consideration, initially.

      My secondary concern was that readers would judge the work based on the author, rather than on its own merit. Seeing a character not as a girl, but as a girl written by a man, prejudicing their interpretation of the story. Amusing thing is that it went the other way, and readers who are out of the loop have accused me of being a mysogynist woman (in one case, a trio of women working in concert).

      – There’s a missing space in “$0 of $1000 donated.Zero chapters due.”
      – The link to Worm on this page is broken; it links to “”

      Thank you, Mond. Changes made. I noted your help & attention to detail here & in the other comments you made, helping me get off to a better start. Appreciated.

      1. FWIW, I was impressed that your gender in particular wasn’t given, and appreciated the little bit of discomfort that gave me (and hopefully gave other readers as well). I’d actually support you hiding your name just for that — in the US at least, it’s inexpensive and fairly easy to register a D/B/A (doing business as) name with the state, and then you can deposit checks made out to “wildbow”. Ask your bank about it.

        Related: ask for help, if you need it. You have a lot of readers; some of them will visit your donations page and be willing & able to offer expertise instead of cash (probably worth rather more than the cash would have been).

  2. Did the idea of having some miscellaneous Worm stories/interludes as Thursday content not work out? I was really looking forward to that, to seeing more of that world*, but this stuff does sound quite cool too (Grandma Rose’s diary entries…shiver of horrified delight) and should fit better with the new story.

    *both in the sense of getting more detail about it and in the sense of getting more content set in it during the long period between the serial ending and the first edited stuff getting published

    1. That was mainly an option if the story I wound up writing didn’t lend itself to interludes or some other form of side material. Face would have been a hard one to do, and I might have avoided it doing Boil, too.

      In retrospect, it’s probably a good thing for me to distance myself from the Womrverse. Take a break from it.

  3. I’m curious – do you update the $$ by hand, or is it automatic? I donated some money a bit ago and the number hasn’t changed; I’d love to know just how close we are to getting an extra update.

  4. I’ve sent a little monetary thank you for Worm but am in a bit of a bind over where the destination of future contributions should go?

    I like PACT so far and want to encourage its growth (and yours as a writer) but is every dollar I give to PACT going to take away from the chance of getting more Worm in the future?

    I guess I’d rather support your works overall by pre-ordering final draft copies of both Worm and PACT than paying for extra chapters. Any chance you will offer a system like this as it wouldn’t count as “Self Publishing” more like a future BETA reading circle?

    That patron system surgested above might be better for some people, if I didn’t know that you were against monthly/yearly subscriptions I would ask for that option.

    Cheers for you work and effort.

  5. Does the eArc method used by bien books count as “published” when it comes to devaluation of any publishers advances for the purchase of your works?

    I buy Honour Harrington that way and I’d love to see your work at a publisher like bien who seem to GET readers and look after writers.

  6. SP Baen Books

    (How I think something is spelled normally has very little to do with how a word is actually spelt. If this is combined with my ability to mispronounce words it is a great surprise that I manage to communicate in ANY form sometimes.)

    1. Rest assured, it isn’t broken – I update it manually, and that generally means I go down the list & tally the numbers and names. Problem is that I’ve been somewhat busy with family stuff (brother & his two year old visiting), only to then get a bit under the weather for the last few days of the visit & the days that followed. I’ve fallen behind as a consequence.

      There should be a Thursday chapter for next week, eyeballing it.

      Thank you for your donation, sorry to raise doubts.

      1. Ah, ok. For some reason I just assumed it was automatic, don’t know why. I just wanted to make sure the donation got through :). (ok, maybe I also wanted to see if there would be a bonus chapter, I get jumpy without my Pact fix!)

  7. Hopefully no one else donated in the same timespan as I did, not that I don’t wish for other to donate too, but I really want that 666.66 XD

    1. I’ve tried and haven’t been able to set it up. There’s a few nitpicky things about it, and I really don’t like that when I was researching it, I saw a bunch of complaints about people who weren’t able to cancel the subscriptions. That’s terrifying. I’d rather avoid inconveniencing my readers on that level.

      1. If you’d like external help with technical questions, put some details linked from the top of this page — i.e., solicit donations of expertise instead of just cash, as I mentioned above. You almost certainly have some hard-core technical folks among your readers who would have the expertise & a bit of time available to set up an acceptable solution. (I’m in web tech myself professionally, but very short on time, unfortunately, so for now I’m sticking with monetary donations).

      2. The Patreon ( ) suggestion upthread would solve the recurring payment issue.

        The extra page thing could be folded into donation tiers. Alternatively, you could just add any income from patreon into the donation fund.

        You can set it up so that you get paid per update or paid per month. At the end of the month, the customer’s card is charged once for all subscriptions.

        I assume this means that the author is paid once per month.

        It operates on a trust system. Patrons can cancel their subscription afterward the update, as long as they do it before the end of the month.

  8. Just signed up for “Wildbow” on Patron.

    Now is where I find out it is not the REAL Wildbow and I’m sending cash to a Somalian pirate 🙂

  9. So, how is your goal of being a long term full time writer coming along? Are you making enough money for all your living expenses? I know you mentioned possibly moving, is that happening?

    I know you reward your readers with bonus chapters but I think most of us would also be happy with hearing how we’re helping…

    (oh, and also any updates on the worm-to-print front would be nice…)

    1. When Worm finished, I had a hard time judging the numbers because it took a few weeks for the readers to trail off. I had two sorta spooky months (Feb, March) where I worried about where things were going to end up, with sub-1k in donations, until the very end of the month when things picked up. Then last month & this month I had two very generous donations, and I expected the pattern. I’m more confident about where things are going, moving ahead – my numbers and donation numbers are very similar to what Worm’s were in April-May 2013. I have no reason to expect a catastrophic drop.

      With this, I can pay my expenses, and I can look for a place that isn’t a one-room roachsty. I have a fair amount saved up to weather any more tricky periods. I’ve had trouble moving, a lack of responses in the town I’m looking at, and am sort of putting it off until mid-summer, because my brother’s getting married in a short bit, and I’ll be helping out some.

      That & other distractions have sort of conspired to make the editing process for Worm more piecemeal than I would have liked. I think I work best with a schedule, and every time I try to settle into one, stuff gets in the way. I’m hoping things calm down post-brother’s-wedding, and I’m really hoping I can just move and then enjoy some peace and quiet and write without any distractions or drop-ins.

      In terms of progress though, I’ve had words with an agent, and while I’m not sure where things stand at present, we’ve discussed the notion that I could pursue self publishing, the agent might pursue their own avenues – if I’m not interested in what comes up, that’s fine, I keep doing what I’m doing. If I am, well, it’s bound to be a good offer.

      I’m leery of traditional publishing, but I’m not going to refuse the idea outright. I’ll let you guys know before anything moves forward, though.

  10. I was wondering when you were going to have to up the amount per extra chapter to prevent extra chapters due number from spiraling off into infinity.

    1. $5300, but that’s actually me getting caught up on sitting down and tallying up the Paypal donations that’ve come in since late July and this/last month’s Patreon donations. Average per month for last 6 months is 2,425/month.

  11. I donated a couple of times to Worm after it had already ended. Do those end up counting towards Pact a for purpose of bonus chapters etc?

    ie. Are the donations set up as just “give money to Wildbow” or are they separate by series?


    1. I don’t discriminate. Frankly, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to tell what comes from where. All donations from ‘Worm’ do count toward Pact bonus chapters.

  12. maybe the patreon amount (of the next month) should be included in “amount towards next month”? ie i assume the 805 is individual surplus donations, but there’s also the monthly 1613, so that means next month already has 2413 donated, right?

    i wonder if anyone could set up a script for you like i’ve seen some websites having, with a bar towards donation goals, with ticks for 1 chapter 2 chapters and 3 chapters, so we can see progress towards each goal amount.


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