Rule of Three

With Pact’s conclusion, I’ve moved on to serial number three.  In the interest of being as obvious about it as possible, here’s a link.

Twig should be roughly as long as Pact was, give or take a couple months.  As the truism goes, it’ll be long enough to reach the end, because I believe in seeing things through. I’m going into it with some rules for myself, to distance it from patterns I fell into with both Worm and Pact.

For those who missed the link, I wrote Pact’s afterword here.  To sum up, for those who are fatigued from all the reading, it was a good experience, and I learned a hell of a lot, lessons I hope to carry forward as I move on.

Thanks for sticking it out with me, I hope to see you guys in the comment sections of Twig.

7 thoughts on “Rule of Three

  1. I’m the the comments section already. Looking forward to be a regular commenter over there.

  2. Can’t wait! Ever since I found Worm I’ve been HOOKED AS SHIT! And now I get to read a 3rd? Hell yes. This will be the first time I’ve caught it at the beginning

  3. distance yourself from patterns…..

    constant escalation leading to burning down your entire world 2/3 of the way through? 😉

  4. “distance yourself from patterns…..” LOL.

    Read the series that contains “the plague forge” and “the Darwin tower”
    One of the “villains” in there has the motto “vary the pattern”


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